OSX, Radio and Upstreaming

An Osx trick with Radio Userland:
Enable local backups here: , and set the directory to HD:Users:username:Sites: .

Turn on web sharing in your system preferences. Your radio weblog is now ‘upstreamed’ to the local apache webserver at http:\//

What’s even better is that since this is an exact copy of the website as streamed to the ‘cloud’, you can use this as the source for your own upstreaming with methods far more secure than ftp.

For example, if one were to write an upstream callback that ran

 rsync -a -e ssh localBackupDir user\@remote:path

with the appropriate ssh keys installed, the entire radio site would be securely upstreamed to the destination server, i.e. no cleartext passwords (a la ftp/soap/xmlrpc/etc). (that’s the -e ssh line. It requires that you have rsa logins set up and a public key installed on the server) (but it’s really nice when that is the case) (really)(.)

(for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, rsync is a program that transfers only the differences of files when syncing, so that it’s very friendly to minor changes in big files. It’s GNU software, generally available on un*x systems.)

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