Software inspiration

This is how wierd software gets written.

I’m sitting on the couch with a laptop. The radio has changed to a silly talk radio program. It has a remote control, which is across the room.

I have mp3’s on the laptop, an airport card, and an IR port.

I want my new laptop to be a remote control. To save me walking across the room to hit a single button.

Possible approaches:

  • The linux box on the desk has mp3s too, and it’s sound card is connected to the stereo. It’s running a webserver. It also has all the standard linux tools.
  • The laptop has an airport card, ir port. An OSX remote control for the amp & cd player? An airport card plugged into the tape 2 input?!
  • A cgi on the webserver on the linux box.
  • My old radio userland hack, brought up to speed with the latest version.

Google hasn’t found anything appropriate. Maybe I should just get up and hit the button.

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