Manila NewsItems Rpc Interface

There is an interface to manila’s news items at ManilaSuite.rpcHandlers.newsItems that contains create, delete, and edit handlers. I had reason to use these today, but it appears that these aren’t quite ready for prime time.

1) ManilaSuite.rpcHandlers.newsItem.edit has two errors. It encodes entities that are then encoded again in the tableToXml function. This has the effect of neutering all links, which is not desired. It also does not update the subject of the post when you update the title of the news item. I’ve made a patch for these bugs using my patch tool.

2) There’s no glue in frontier or radio, to the best of my knowlege. I’ve hacked up a glue table to live at system.verbs.apps.manila.newsItem that follows the standard calling conventions.

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