Whenever I see the SCNS acronym I can’t help thinking of SCMODS. These are just cross wired in my brain. That happens a lot with initials and acronyms for me. Brands get mixed up, domains get crossed. Sometimes it’s even funny.

So to those marketers out there, if you want me to accurately remember your widget, make sure that it’s not confusable with obscure pop culture references. Or the code fragment manager (.cfm).


Mmmmm xserve. I want one. Rather, I’ll take two, they’re small. I’ve got a dual 800 as my best server right now. It’s nice, but it’s big. And I’ve got a gaggle of other assorted g4’s hanging around. For what I’m doing, bandwidth to memory seems to be important, as well as the size of L3 cache.

The keys to the xserve are the DDR ram, lots of drives all on different controllers, lots of cache (2 meg per). It’s got bandwidth in all the important places, at least compared to what I’m working with now. Oh yeah, and it’s got a bit of processor too.

I still have a couple of questions about the storage subsystem and how it interacts with the software raid. Specifically, how can I split the 4 drives? 1 system + 3 raid 5? Raid 0+1? If I pull a (failed) drive and put in a spare will it sync up while on line? Are they going to require that I send them my firstborn?

I also find it interesting that it has a basic vga card and 9 pin serial for kvm or serial console access.

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