OsX Crashes, Revisited.

OsX was not the only unsable process on the machine that was having freezes and a kernel panic. One of the frontier processes running on that machine was suffering from about 3 unexplained quits or freezes per day. I”m not really sure what was happening, since my monitor scipt doesn’t report the difference between a quit and killing and restarting a hung process.

I replaced a 512 meg stick memory on that machine on friday.

Since that time, I’ve had no unexplained quites, freezes or crashes. None. In this time, I would generally expect about 9 interventions by the monitoring script, and possibly one crash resulting in a log from the os crash logging process.

To be sure, this is only 72 hours of data, but it looks very promising. I need to wait about a month to see if the os stability improves.

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