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I’ve finally moved my daily use desktop machine to OSX. 14 months after it first came out, 14 months after installing it once, and after 26 months of having OS9.04 be what I looked at every day for 10 hours.

I’ve moved other machines already. The laptop. Servers. Random testing on light use machines. But not the one machine that if it stopped working would throw me into disarray. I’m not normally someone to upgrade. I’ve been bitten by the transitional downtime more than making up for any gains that get from the new system. So what’s changed this time?

Well for one, I’m forging ahead without regard to downtime. But apart from that, everything I need is now on OSX. 10.1.4 is fast enough on a g4/400. Frontier is stable. Postgres is nice. Adium is better than AIM. I have three browsers in the dock, and none of them are MSIE. It no longer looks new and wierd, now that I’ve lived with it on the laptop for a while.

In short, it’s fast enough and it does everything I need it to on 2 year old equipment. Which is more than I can say for OS9 anymore.

Current osx screenshot

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