Spamming Bastards

So recently I bought tickets from that monopolist that we all know and sometimes tolerate, Ticketmaster. And being the paranoid techie that I am, I gave them a tagged unique address. If there were obvious “spam me” check boxes, I unchecked them.

Well, they either sold or gave that unique tagged email address to the House of Blues. Ticketmaster’s privacy policy is that they sell the list, but they do give it to the promoter of the concert. I’ve looked around, but I can’t tell if the House of Blues is the prometer of the concert I’m going to. It’s not on the Ticketmaster website.

At any rate, I don’t believe that I have a business relationship with the House of Blues. Yet they’ve now sent me 2 pieces of web bugged, html heavy email, with subject lines in all caps followed by !!!.

I guess it’s time to bounce that address. Good thing it wasn’t my real one. They join amazon.com, warehouse.com, etrade, usair, and visorcentral.com as businesses who’ve landed in my blackhole list. To be fair, the others are (for the most part) ones that email without my permission, not necessarily sellers of addresses.

If only it was so easy to bounce the psychic spams. You would think that they would just know that I’m not going to respond.

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