Warning Signs

If you are thinking about an apartment, beware of one that is an apartment because “It wasn’t built well enough to be sold as condos”.

Run away, screaming if you have to.

In the continuing saga of the deck waterproofing construction, we have the next bit of brilliance. Wednesday they put up a shrinkwrapped canopy over the deck, attached to the roof and the parapet wall. Thursday it sprinkled, and the water dribbled in a bit from running down the canopy, hitting the wall, and rolling in. This should have been a sign.

Friday it really started raining. The contractor worked for 10 hours or so as an inch of water gathered on the deck where there used to be waterproofing. At about 8pm, they decided that this might be a problem, and brought in fans and some additional splash guards that should keep additional rain out. But by this time, much of the water had drained into the building walls. And then out into the carpet several floors below.

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