I’ve installed Jaguar and lived with it for a week or so. It’s been pretty good so far, but I’m still wondering about a few things.

One of the features that was advertized was iTunes playlist sharing by auto-discovery. I haven’t seen it anywhere.

Ipsec is there, but it’s there in a ‘you’ve gotta google then write shell scripts’ sort of way. At least I don’t have to recompile the kernel. I have gotten host-host (both sides Jaguar) ipsec working on the lan. Next on the list to try is Freeswan interop and host->network combinations. Ideally, I’d be able to have tibook -> airport -> freeswan firewall/gateway -> world working.

Antialiasing is nearly readable on LCD screens now. Certain fonts blatantly advertize the different vertical and horizontal resolution with the sub pixel antialiasing. Lucida Grande isn’t bad in the menu size, but in iTunes (for example) it’s terribly inconsistent. Some i chareacters are one pixel wide and black, some are two or three and grey. Speaking of text rendering, terminal doesn’t render Monaco 9 as fixed width. I’m hoping that this is just a bug and not by design. It almost appears that the character width is .05 more or less than a pixel, so every so often characters are compressed together or too far apart by one pixel. I would think that you could actually improve the horizontal resolution of text by using sub pixel rendering of letter placement without antialiasing. With an LCD, you could get 1/3 pixel placement accuracy horizontally.

Oh well, I’m sure that it will look incredible on this. Or just stick with monster CRTs.

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