Low Voltage Haolgen

Objective, 300w (300va) 12 volt? low voltage halogen cable system, in a v pattern running the long axis of the room. Roughly 26 feet total span, with the power coming in in the middle. There is one existing switched power tap in a recessed lighting fixure that may be removed. the switch in the room only controls that can, so it’s possible to replace the switch with an inwall dimmer if permitted by the system.

  • Ikea has what looks like 60 and 150 watt systems, some including their fixtures and some not. They are < $100. I’d want 2 of the bigger ones, which would lead to contention for transformer space. (completely useless website. better off looking at the catalog)
  • Seattle lighting Design (on second) appears to have a bunch of bits and pieces, but their fixtures are expensive. But, they give ideas.
  • Home Depot has lighting from Hampton Bay, apparently 300w monorail track systems and 60w cable ones. Need to research if I can get a 300W cable transformer + cable from them. Nothing useful on line past what they have in the store. Nothing on Hampton bay lighting in google. grr
  • Alfa Lighting: (web research) transformers 12V/300W and 24V/600, surface or hidden mount. They also have cables and widgets. They have an obnoxious website that like to pop up new windows instead of merely linking to content. Availiable online Looks like 300W transformers are ~$200+ depending on finish. Hidden transformers would be cool, but I’m not sure that I could install them without ripping out drywall.
  • LightingFX has a transformer that appears to drop into a recessed ligihting fixture.
    They also have a hidden transformer for $149 206-300dc that may not require as much space as the alfa ones. LightingFX also has some installation docs on their site.

I need to determine if I can install a hidden transformer in the ceiling without cutting it up too much, or if I should just replace the can with an exposed transformer. (mounting?)

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