Blogger Co-op

What it would take:

  • A hosting machine. Jonscompany has virtual debian servers for $75 per month. 4 gigs space + 40 gigs transfer. That’s probably not enough space, but it probably is enough bandwidth.
  • Enough people to make it reasonable that can have some trust between them. Probably 4-10 people.
  • A couple of designated admins — people who have run their own servers for a while on a DSL line probably qualify with some mutual shoulder peering.
  • Some policy on sharing the bandwidth and the overages. Some commitment between the bloggers.
  • Provide apache, mail, dns, ssh for the domains. probably need MT, zope, and php, along with frontier for me. Postgresql and Mysql are also probably going to be needed.
  • We’d probably need secondary DNS somewhere.
  • Not sure what domain hosting console type things are necessary. I’ve always found them a limitation, but then I prefer having root.

The lower budget version of this could be distributed over a bunch of DSL lines, but i think the reilability wouldn’t be any better than what the same DSL hosted systems are getting now.

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