Some pictures from Seward Park

Went for a little ride yesterday to take advantage of the car closure of Lake Washington Blvd. Once we got to Seward park, we found a bike race. So I burned a few electrons and shot some pictures. It’s quite hard to get my digital camera to actually get the cyclists in the frame, I found it easiest to use the sequential shot feature and take five in a row, just to get one well composed.

The leader early on at seward park

This was the early leader. He got well off the front in the first few laps when the pack wasn’t really interested in chasing.

The chase group - early on

The rest of the pack

The chase group - still early

And more of it.

The pack is strung out

A few riders have caught the leader. They’re looking back down the hill they just climbed to see the gap they have. This is the only tight corner on the course.

Jumping hard to reel in the leaders

Some riders in the pack jump to close the gap.

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