For those of you who can’t see images…

If you were looking at this in any browser but Microsoft Internet Explorer, it would look and run better and faster.    (from http://www.tbray.org/ongoing)

A couple of my few readers (using xp/ie6) have told me that they can’t see some of the images on this site. Furthermore, after not seeing my images, they can’t see any others ’til they close the browser. I’ve checked logs, changed image locations, added spare apache processes to the server, changed the ways I’m referencing them, removed .pngs and they still get the errors.

I think that this page from microsoft describes the problem. Only I’m pretty sure that every recent image on this site has been run through imagemagick, at least to resize them to web resolution.

Coincidentally, Tim Bray has an article about choice in browsers: the upshot being that there are alternatives to IE, and they are taking the lead. Competition is good, and there are at least a couple good non-IE browsers for most platforms these days, built around either the Opera, KHTML, or Gecko engines. (Safari, Opera, Omniweb, Mozilla, Galleon, Konq, Phoenix, Camino).

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