Redesign in progress….

The theme is loaded – rapidly making changes to fix that which didn’t work quite right.

IE is going to be sub optimal, because I’m using png. Safari/Mozilla are nice. Older OmniWeb is questionable but readable.

Netscape 4.x? Good question. IE 4.5/5.x Mac? Another good question.

And it validated last night. But not right now. Update: it validates. Had some paragraph and div tags inside spans. Inline’s can’t contain block level elts. Makes sense.

It would actually help if IE6 just wouldn’t support png. That way they wouldn’t get a grey ‘transparency background’ on the logo and the fade. A bit of googling shows a possible solution, but it’s ugly. Solution is from http://www.alistapart.com/stories/pngopacity/discuss/6/#ala-1841 . I told you it’s ugly. now to see if it works. Looks like I need to have more absolute and relative positioning directives included to make the image line up where it’s supposed to be.

Now I’ve figured out how to hide the css from at least NS4.x and msie 3.x and 4.01. I need to find a 4.5 browser to test on rather than emailing screen shots around. This page http://www.w3development.de/css/hide_css_from_browsers/import/ is useful, but slightly wrong. IE 4.01/3 actually read the import from the first test, @import url (“…”); but not if a screen selector is added: @import url (“…”) screen;. So item #1 should not include the Mac IE, and item #3 should.

Great, and hiding the css from IE on the mac hides it from ie/windows. oh well. I’m done with exploiting browser bugs to hide css. I’m going to use apache to rewrite old css mangling browsers to the print template. Leave everyone else to cope with the standards.

The Matrix:

  • Looks fine in lynx. In fact, better than it ever did before.
  • Looks fine in Mozilla.
  • Looks fine in Safari.
  • IE 3.0/mac is hosed, with all the images centered on top of one another. With css hiding, it’s just a plain page. Good.
  • IE 4.01/mac is hosed without css hiding, works with it.
  • IE 4.5/mac is hosed. No text, just a blue bar.
  • IE 5.0/os9 is hosed, no text, just the sidebar.
  • IE 5.2/OSX is good.
  • IE 6/win misplaces the logo image, but it’s not too bad. Kind of artful in a way. Either that or it misplaces the background under the image.
  • NS 4 gets a plain page. Good.
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