I wonder if it’s possible to use a bluetooth cellphone as a headset for a bluetooth enabled laptop connected to iChat A/V (possibly at a cafe using wifi?). The hardware is there, it’s probably just a matter of settings/software. Or a bluetooth phone with a compact flash/secure digital wifi card to dispense with the laptop? There are some pocketpc/handspring things that are close to that hardware configuration.

I’ve finally given in and broken the end-to-end assumption in mail transmission by installing an antivirus/spam filter on my domain’s mail server that drops all (windows) executable attachments and any spam over 15 on the spam-o-meter. (3x the default threshold) I’m writing some instructions on how to do this on debian woody, as it requires pulling some packages from unstable & backports. After 250 viruses and 300 spams dropped in a week and a half, I’m pretty sure that I haven’t killed anything important.

I ordered a new video card for an ancient sawtooth 400mhz G4. It’s amazing how much snappier the NVidia Geforce4 feels than the stock ATI Rage 128. I’m pretty sure that most of the difference comes from Quartz Extreme usage and not that it has 4x the vram than the old card. But it makes Eclipse usable, which is not really something that I can accuse my tibook of doing. The DVI/VGA adapter did have one interesting feature, apparently if I remove the UPC sticker from the box, some warranty is voided.

Not sure what kind of warranty I have on the box...

A random house plant, caught in the light of a setting sun.

Some random plant on our windowsill at sundown.

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