Chipotle Potato and Leek Soup

A little twist on it –

  • Russett potatoes – diced, skin on if it’s thin enough
  • Leeks, roughly the same volume as potatoes, chopped in rounds
  • 1 quart veggie broth, 1/2 quart mushroom broth.
  • 2/3 c cream
  • Chipotle, salt

Soften leeks in olive oil, add the broth and potatoes so that there’s enough liquid to cover ++. Simmer. When potatoes are breaking down lightly mash about 1/2 of them, add salt to taste. When ready to serve, drizzle in cream, stirring. Add chipotle to subtle taste, enough to impart a little smoky spicyness, not so much that it tastes like salsa.

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