OSX Proxy Settings in Radio

While doing the work on the SOCKS proxy, I noticed just how much of a pain it is to continually be changing proxy settings in Radio, when OSX is perfectly capable of keeping track of the settings on a location by location basis.

So a little googling for sample code and some hacking in C (which I don’t normally use) yielded a little program that will grab the system configuration and pull it into Radio Userland.

Download it here.

The archive has a script that lives in the workspace table and an application that needs to be in the base Frontier or Radio Userland folder. Simply run the script and it will make the settings in user.webbrowser.proxy and socksProxy reflect the current Network Settings. It will overwrite your current settings. It should be run every time you change network locations – it may be useful to add this to a menu. I also might figure out how to trigger it automatically.

It’s been tested on Radio and OSX 10.2.6, although I fully expect it to work with Frontier and any 10.2.x OSX installation.

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