We have made the man…

To paraphrase Jason, Habenero is very danger.

I’m still not sure what possessed us to plant a habanero pepper plant this spring. But I’ve now come across the second time when I wished that I have a laminar flow hood in the kitchen. Both times due to peppers from the garden.

We used about half of the harvest (30 or so) to make some hot sauce. Roasted, then blended in lime juice and salt. We were smart enough to use gloves for the stemming and seeding process, but opening the blender releases enough capcaisin to cause coughing fits. Hence the desire for biotech grade lab equipment to contain the fumes. A bit on the tongue delivered by toothpick is enough to cause burning. We even cut the intensity with a couple of anchos, but still too hot for me.

Oh, and we still haven’t really made a dent in the cayenne or thai dragons, but they’re drying nicely and should store through the winter. So if there are any locals who are interested in some organic fire, let me know.

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