Floats and Sinks

I can’t figure out how to do this with straight css, and it’s not even that easy to do with ugly table hacks.

I’ve got: {pictureRef(, align:”right”)}

	<p>more content></p>

What I want is an image aligned with the lower right of the containing div (like the image), the equivalent of background: white url(‘foo.jpg’) no-repeat bottom right; but with the text flowing around it. So it would need to be floated. But the top of floats are aligned with the point where they are declared, not with the bottom of the enclosing block.

What I’ve done for now is make it be a background image, and float a transparent gif of about the right size in the about the right place. But that’s an ugly hack. But it’s a lot better than having the whole block be an image.

you can either sink or float...

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