Snow by Night, Black Ice by Morning

We’ve had a good week of snow here, some sticking into the afternoons even. But late last night there was a dusting, and by the morning we had black ice.

The Ballard Bridge was pretty badly blocked – bumper to bumper all the way up to Market Street with oncoming traffic creeping at 20mph. A quick manual check of the ground confirmed just how slick it was. (The ground is never that far away when you’re in a Miata)

So on the round trip downtown this morning, we got caught in one major backup that looked like the best possible outcome of semi vs. honda, saw one fully outfitted motorcyclist walking across a bridge (motorcycle parked on the far side), one abandoned SUV crunched on a telephone pole, and unidentified accidents on the Galer and Dravus street bridges.

And that’s on a day that’s pretty light commuting.

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