Car Salesman

I’m not sure what it is about car salesmen, but they don’t seem to be living in the 21st century. Having visited 4 over the weekend, I have noted some similarities in their behavior.

  • One of them had not sold the car we were looking at to a family member. (Two actually, but when the salesman had to defer to the Guy Who Could Talk To The Man, there was some random story about a nephew’s wife and a fridge. )
  • Every single one of them told us something that was verifiably false, normally disparaging about the other cars we were looking at. Also generally something that could be fact checked on the net in about 2 minutes. (E.g., the japanese national speed limit is ~35 mph, regarding japanese car crash safety. Ford resale value is 50% after driving off the lot. This is the only car like it in 5 states. Sticker + 30% is a reasonable starting point for negotiations.)
  • Must keep talking. It seems to be some rule that if they run out of things to say then they will lose the sale. One of the guys at least realized that we just wanted a little space to measure the car.

It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

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