More UML on Debian Stable

More stuff on usermode linux. (So I don’t forget). There’s a tun group to allow access to the tun device. The user starting the usermode linux needs to be part of that group. This all needs to be done on each boot, so it’s best if you add it to a script. Everything here needs to be done as root on the host machine.

/sbin/modprobe tun
/bin/rm /dev/net/tun
/bin/ln -s /dev/misc/net/tun /dev/net/tun 
/bin/chmod 660 /dev/misc/net/tun
/bin/chgrp tun /dev/misc/net/tun
/usr/sbin/tunctl -u erics
/sbin/ifconfig tap0 up
/sbin/route add -host dev tap0
/usr/sbin/tunctl -u erics
/sbin/ifconfig tap1 up
/sbin/route add -host dev tap1

And in the other unrelated thing, I’ve ruled out the drivers and the noapic flag on the netdev watchdog timeouts. I don’t think I saw these on my -bf series kernel, so I may try to go back to one of those.

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  1. Commenter January 30th, 2004 11:41 am

    Hmm. Mode 660 doesn’t seem to work real well right now. Maybe my earlier test wasn’t testing what I thought it was testing. Mode 666 does work well though, not sure of the security implications.

    And apache won’t start with php, gives the error: “PHP Fatal error: Unable to start session mm module in Unknown on line 0”. None of the usual solutions on google help. The solution is to use a 4.3 backport instead of the 4.1.2 included in stable.

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