I need a link blog. Some place to store all the random links that I would otherwise bookmark on one of my many browsers and machines. It’s generally going to be public, but there may be a category or two that I’d rather keep private.

The most important thing is that it has to be easy to post from multiple locations/browsers with as close to one click as possible. I think that this means a RESTian interface for a javascript bookmarklet. The blogger api would work on the mac, since there’s the RadioService application that will post selected text from any cocoa based application. But that’s not going to carry over to Mozilla or the windows box.

It has to be accessible from all of my machines and likely locations. This seems to indicate that it’s going to need to live somewhere other than the laptop. This rules out Radio Userland.

I’ve got to host it. I’m guessing that it will wind up on the linux box, but the iMac server is a possibility too. I can use either filesystem, embedded db, or postgresql storage — MySql is out for now since I don’t already host with it. On the other hand, it could be a good learning experience.

Minimalistic is good — I’m expecting posts to be Link + Description, and maybe a Title. I should be able to get a lot of that from portions of the document with a bookmarklet. Google needs to be able to index the public categories. Don’t need comments, blogrolls, trackback, heavy duty navigation, much tempting, or anything terribly complicated. I’d like to keep it valid xhtml so that I can play with some of the more interesting searching, but that might tend to indicate that I want to be serving at least the public facing side of it using flat files.

I’d like to be able to edit online to add categories, but the permalink needs to be category independent. If I have to fire up bbedit to edit on the local machine, that’s not too bad, so long as I don’t have to muck with permissions. This is the drawback of approach #1, Blosxom + the RadioService + the Blosxom Metaweblog plugin. Since the webserver is writing filesystem files, they’re not going to be of the right permissions for me to edit them.

Blosxom is pretty close to the right solution but it’s not quite there. Knowing me, I’ll wind up using tiny bits of a massive system to do this.

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