From the garden

It’s now June, and for the first time in recent memory, the garden is better tended than the website. The peas that went in in march are producing more than we can handle, the strawberries are into their first big peak, and the herbs and greens are still going well. So tonight, we made a dinner salad that was nearly all garden produce.

the herb bed

Fava Beans, blanched (planted oct/nov)
Shelling peas (planted marchish)
Thyme (taking over)
Chives (assaulted by the thyme)
Salad Mix (planted early may)
Spinach (planted early, probably march)
Parsley (planted last year)
Strawberries (going nuts right about now)
Olive Oil, Salt, and Goat Cheese Cheddar, from Trader Joe’s

All mixed together. Olive oil and salt to taste. The Fava beans need to be shelled, blanched, then peeled. The Peas just need to be shelled, then they are good enough to just snack on till the other food is ready.

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