Tiger Impressions

UPS was nice to me on Wednesday, delivering a shiny new lens for the camera and a DVD of Tiger. Three installs later, I’m pretty happy with Tiger.

On the desktop, a g4/400. Ancient machine, has 10.1 through 10.4 installed and runnable, as well as 9 and 9.2. While adding a new drive for Tiger, I discovered that the dual drive Oxford 911 firewire case doesn’t boot off of the second drive. That’s only a minor issue, as I have a ton of other partitions to work from.

On the ibook/500, we did an upgrade install, pretty much uneventful. It’s had a couple of issues attaching to the airport network when waking from sleep, but that seems over now.

The tibook was going to be an upgrade install (after a full backup), but drive errors forced the wipe of the os partition. So that became a clean install. My home directory was on a separate partition, so it was unaffected, but I do still need to go find all the little bits and pieces that I’ve installed all over the place, (python stuff, subversion, mysql, postgres, imagemagick, …)

All in all, it’s not a huge update. It seems faster in most cases, shinier in almost all cases. I’m starting to poke around with CoreData, which was the real driving force behind the upgrade right now.

My one major disappointment is mail.app. It’s always had some issues with my mail server (dbmail) but it’s worse with this version. It churned on importing my existing messages (100k) overnight, then all morning hammered the server downloading everything again. It’s taking far too long to deal with junk mail or anything that’s not in the main inbox. That said, it is snappier for my one pop account, so I may need to rethink what I’m using as a mail server.

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