Cozumel In the bulls eye

It looks like Cozumel is about to get a nearly direct hit from a category 4 hurricane. You may remember Cozumel from galleries such as the Baby Turtle Release, and a lazy sunday. When we were there, a Category 1 fizzled out and made landfall as a tropical storm. Not a big deal.
But this is bigger. The storm surge is supposed to be 10-12 feet or so, a significant percentage of the height of the island. Apparently the eye wall is going to hit the island. I’d expect that the windward side road might have some severe washouts. Not sure how well the town will do — at least most of the construction is cinder block walls. Roofs will be torn off and I’d expect a lot of flooding.

I just hope the locals can ride this out and not lose too much.

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