Group W Bench, revisited

Last weekend there was a display of 2000+ grave markers, to remember the US Military personnel who have been killed in Iraq.
symbolic graves around greenlake
I was trying to capture something of the quantity of markers, against the Group W Bench graffiti that’s on most of the benches around Greenlake. Didn’t quite capture the feeling that I wanted, but I’m not sure how I would have gone about setting up that shot. For comparison, the PI ran a picture of a single person, bending over to examine one in a sea of markers. There’s something about pictures that could be ‘important’ that freezes me up about how to approach them. This shot probably would have worked better if there was someone on the bench as a focal point, but getting the subject, graffiti, and markers in one shot without looking like I’m forcing it would have been a real trick.

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