• The microwave really kills the wifi performance of the mp3 player. Constant skipping, for 4 minutes at least.
  • Painting bathrooms is a pain. Prep is half the battle, the other half is cutting in all the random corners, edges, and behind the toilet. It’s about 1 hour of hand painting to 10 minutes of rolling.
  • Purdy roller covers work better than the cheap ones from Home Depot.
  • Low/No VOC paint is worth every penny. I like Safecoat from the Environmental Home Center
  • I have honey cream highlights in my hair now. From painting myself in a closet.
  • Orange peel texture hides so many surface imperfections it’s not even funny. Now I know why it’s used in inexpensive new construction.
  • It’s unbelievable how much I can get done when there’s not a toddler in the house.
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