Fremont Solstice 2006

The annual display of naked bicyclists, bighead costumes, samba dancers, and public artists of all ilks ran this morning.

Samba Girasol Dancer

Parade Album of 123 images, with none of the naked cyclist brigade, but still a few of the exposed body parts that the parade is somewhat famous for.


Cyclists Album of 50 images. Contains nudity with and without body paint, minimal clothing or not, broccoli, and some bike helmets. Both genders, front and rear, but nothing that’s too shocking for a parade at high noon in front of thousands of people.

Bugs of mass distruction

This year, there were a ton of naked bicyclists, at least twice as many as I’ve ever seen before (a couple hundred or so), twice as many belly dancers (250), and 4 drum and dance bands. More action and fewer random people in costumes was my take away impression.

Stilt Walkers

I shot 2 cards of jpegs, but some of one was slightly prefilled by some pictures that I neglected to delete off it from last time. I ran out of space at the end, so the last couple of groups in the parade are less well represented. I wish I’d realized that I didn’t clear off the card last time.

A tree, or an ent, or something

If any of these pictures are of you, and you want the full res versions, please email and I’ll send them to you.

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