Dear Apple

re: The Macbook.

I’m coming up on the 2:15 mark on hold on this call. That’s 2 hours, not 2 minutes.

I’m glad that I paid for applecare on this machine so that I could have the privilege of having the first repair not address the problem, and then have the second repair wait on a part for a week and a half. The machine has worked properly for 4 days since 8/14/06, where working is defined as a day where it didn’t randomly shutdown.

It’s not like the problem with this machine is uncommon.

As I survey the number of Macs that I’ve had (2 minis, tibook, ibook, sawtooth, G3, and assorted pre Gx machines back to 1990) and their repair history, I’m noticing that this Macbook is both the first one that was ordered anywhere near the introduction date and the first one since the 68k days that I’ve needed repaired.

All I really want at this point in the call is some info on what part is on order and an ETA.

But depending on the answer to that, perhaps you should just ship a new machine. You replaced the wrong half of the machine the last time, and I’d guess that whole machines are more commonly available than whatever part is on order.

At 2:39 into the call, some poor CSR answered the phone and:

  • It needs a heatsink. Not suprising really.
  • There are a lot of other units in awaiting the same part.
  • He ran a part search, which should put me on the priority list for getting it repaired
  • There’s no information available other than what’s on the website short of listing to the hold music for a while.
  • There probably won’t be information on the part search until Tuesday afternoon.
  • A replacement really isn’t an option.

Not amused. Not at all.

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