Color Balancing

We went off to a different local coffee shop today, and had mixed results. The coffee was pretty good but we’re spoiled.

But the real mixed results were in the photos of the boy. (Why yes, we do take pictures of him in each coffee shop) Tungsten, compact fluorescent, and bright, reflected natural light. It’s enough to make you want to blow it all away with a flash. But despite actually using the flash outside today for the blue picture, I wasn’t into using it indoors.

So I gave Adobe Lightroom a workout to see if I could get something useful, and I came up with something that’s a lot better than it was, pretty much splitting the difference between tungsten and fluorescent, but it’s leaving the natural light highlights a little blue.

All in all, I’m mixed on lightroom. It’s certainly better than trying to make the changes in something less specialized. I like that I don’t need to import everything into it, so my workflow isn’t impacted too badly. But I do need to try out Aperature.

Before -- uncorrected


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