Snapfish Woes

I’d really like to praise snapfish here, but I just can’t. Their image quality is good, their website is functional enough, they have enough of an api for me to upload from my image workflow, but their fulfillment and customer service leave a little to be desired.

I ordered 80 reprints on 9/28. While ordering, I changed my shipping address. You can see where this might be going. A week later, when the prints didn’t arrive, I checked the order and saw that they were sent to my previous address. At this point, I’m not annoyed, bugs happen, and I can see how there might have been a race condition between changing my address and shipping the prints.

I opened a support ticket explaining that the pictures went to the wrong address. The response: wait for 10 business days to pass. I wait. No pictures. I respond, they say that the order must have been lost in the mail, and they need to confirm the (incorrect) shipping address. I respond, clearly stating for the third time that they shipped to the wrong address, and they should try the correct one.

A week later I prod them and they submit the order and ship it to the wrong address. In no part of this exchange did they ever seem to recognize that they shipped to the wrong address instead of the postal service not delivering.

I get the order confirmation 10 minutes before they close. 2 emails and a pone call later, I’ve got someone on the line who can do the intelligent thing and ship the prints to the right address.

It’s coming on a month since I ordered these prints. I don’t think that I’ll be ordering any more from Snapfish.

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