Mindcamp 3.0

Got back from Werewolfcamp saturday night and slept for about 12 hours on Sunday night. I think i’m close to back to a normal sleep cycle, but I’m not so sure about the caffeine levels yet.

There was a werewolf game that ran from about 10pm till about 9:45am. I was ‘only’ in on it for 4 or 5 hours till I quit to sleep for a few hours. I joined in once in the morning, but my heart and brain weren’t really in it. I did manage to win a couple of times as one of two werewolves, and once as the seer for the village. Generally in the following games, I was a villager and got lynched early. But that happens.

I paid a short visit to the pre-coffee hacks coffee making session. We tried out some Yemen, but it wasn’t as impressive as it was in the coffee shop. The Espresso was great through, Christian was pulling straight shots of Fidalgo Bay coffee, and they were really nice. Smooth and not bitter. An excellent kick for a 11pm refresher.

Got to play with a lensbaby lens. I like, I want. It’s tilt-shift and soft focus, with strange color tweaking as well. It’s not a fidelity thing, it’s just kinda fun. I expect that this look will get old in a couple of years.

I didn’t wind up doing as much show and tell as I was expecting too, I think part of that was not actually getting out any of the toys till after midnight. I should have pulled out the Photobooth/Flickr thing at the signin, where we could have gotten a lot of people captured. i should have done a 5 minute demo or something.

I was up on stage for the Amazon Web Services talk, but I only talked for a minute or two, and spent the rest of the time handing the mic back and forth. Unfortunately, this talk conflicted with another one that I really wanted to go to — real world rails, or what happens after that first 15 minutes. I was disappointed that the UI review session didn’t happen for a lack of projector. I suspect that I could use the help.

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