Why Obama

I’m going to diverge from the recent string of pictures and the occasional words for some politics.

Barack Obama has my vote, and to make sure it counts, I’m going to the caucus this weekend. The caucus is a first — I don’t normally like associating closely with political parties, but this time, it’s just that important.

To start out, any of the Democratic candidates would be better than any of the Republicans. W and his ilk have spoiled the whole party, and they’re working on the country.

I think the Obama candidacy is a risk — he’s fresh meat for the political grinder. I don’t see him fighting as dirty as the others. Clinton has been through this to see the worst of what the Republicans can do. That experience may be useful.

But balancing that risk is an upside — I believe that we have a chance for a once in a generation sort of Presidency, and I think that Obama is the one who could pull that off. His win would be a mandate to undo the damage of the last 8 years. That would be more valuable than any years of what Clinton could give us.

Obama knows what is in the Constitution. He taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago. He agrees that the current administration has been overstepping it’s bounds. And he knows what a bubble sort is and when not to use it. That’s as good as playing the sax for geeks.

This is a country without kings and dynasties, I don’t believe that having another Clinton in the White House would be good for this country. There has been a Bush or Clinton as President or Vice President since I was in first grade. It’s time for that to change.

Hope is a choice, not a sum. You can have as much as you damn well feel like having, regardless of the actual circumstances. (Matt Ruff, Sewer, Gas and Electric)

So, chalk one up for hope. I’m going to be at the High School, 1pm on Saturday to be a part of the caucus.

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