Hdr, sort of

Enfused from three exposures, handheld bracketing

This is, oddly enough, an enfuse processed HDR image that is actually of a pretty low dynamic range scene, from three images that are each within the bounds of what could be captured by my sensor. There’s probably a stop of dynamic range to spare on the original middle exposed one. But running it through the enfuse HDR process changes the balance of the parts of the image, so that while there was detail in the sandbar in front in the original images, it’s more prominent here.

I’m not 100% sure I like it better, but it is different. It’s also not immediately noticeable as an hdr, and I’m sure that like that.

This is a well tweaked version of the mid exposure image, perhaps a sample of what can be pulled out without the HDR process.

Tweaked mid-exposure

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