End of March Planting

Got some of the end of march planting done — one bed of beets and one bed of mixed salad stuff: radish, salad blend, and two varieties of spinach. There’s still some more peas and some chard to plant before I’m done for now.

Interestingly, the soil temperatures in the earlier pea beds are below where they were when I planted almost a month ago. (High 40’s then, 46-48. They’re now 43-46) The peas are just starting to show, but the favas in the main garden aren’t doing anything yet. The favas off in Nevada (well, that’s the shape of the bet) are starting to sprout now, so I guess that gets a bit more light and heat. It’s been a cold March, last year we has more stuff up by now, and the salad bits were planted two weeks earlier. Then of course, last year it Snowed in mid April, so maybe we’re not that behind.

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