And now for the early April Planting

It was 70 in the shade on the sunny side of the house, and 65 in the shade on the north. This is the first day that it’s been warmer outside than in. And 2 days straight of eating outside for lunch and dinner.

Now we get to the high volume stuff. There’s chard. And half a bed of kale to fill out the bed that didn’t quite make it through the winter. (What do you know, dwarf siberian kale overwinters better than nero de toscano. I guess it’s not so cold in Tuscany). Nevada is now half shelling peas and half favas, and the former compost pile is now an extension to that bed and has transplanted wild strawberries (that were happily colonizing the compost pile) a couple lines of sweet peas, and some dalias. The sprawly bed is also worked over, and what isn’t in (not-wild) strawberries and garlic is now 8x 20+foot rows of snow and snap peas, at least until I need it for sprawly things. It actually looks like a standard set of garden rows now.

I’m going to be sore tomorrow. Clearing the sprawly bed was a lot of work.

And on top of that, we planted seeds for starts. 2 types of onions (Guardsman and Candy), leeks, cauliflower, cabbage, 2 brussel sprouts (Franklin 80 day and Diablo 160 day), eggplant, bell peppers (red green and yellow), basil, pumpkins (small saved, big saved, and magic lantern from a packet), sunflowers ((king) kong, saved), coriander, parsely, celery, and tomatoes (free, came with the greenhouse).

Still to plant in pots, probably in a month or so, are the rest of the squashes and the cucumbers, another planting of some of the brassicas, and probably more basil and coriander/cilantro. And whatever else seems like it needs a start in a greenhouse.

(And really tasty, a pestoish mixture of basil, cilantro, serrano pepper, and olive oil. With a bit of salt. It’s gooood. )

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