Updating Ubuntu, Part 2

I’ve also just updated another one of my ubuntu machines, the netbook, to the latest 9.04 netbook remix that was released yesterday. It had been running an 8.10 eeebuntu release that had some issues. It’s main issue was that it didn’t like waking up from suspend with the GIU intact. Normally, it required killing X and restarting it, which is about as disruptive to working as rebooting the whole machine.

This time, I didn’t bother with an update, it was a clean install on a different SD card. That makes it easy to go back to the previous install by rebooting ad switching the cards. Though, it meant I had to spend another $12 for an 8 gig card.

It appears that all the hardware of my 901 is recognized: the wifi, ethernet, camera, bluetooth, and the USB760 3g dongle. (though, I still have to do a little patch to prevent the dongle from showing up as a drive first). And, most importantly, the suspend and resume sleeping works again.

I could still go into the many ways that this netbook is not an apple product, and I still probably will. But, it does web, email, and ssh, with the occasional reboots into windows to deal with windows specific work stuff.

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