10 years

Round about 10 years ago, this litte blog started out as one of the first non-Userland hosted manila sites. A week or so later, the early editthispage.com people went live, including a couple that I still check up on daily (dangerousmeta, 2020hindsight) and some that I’ve lost track of and miss. (Al.)

It was spotty at first, and I didn’t really get the rotating home page thing down till a week or two into it. The early contents were lost to editing, but some the 11/30 protests stick in my mind as being early news worthy stuff to write about. A lot of the blogging world has changed since then, and it’s sometimes a little embarassing to see how far things have moved in 10 years.

I can’t believe that I’ve managed to keep this thing going a year, let alone 10.

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