A quick update, so that next year I have an idea of what went in the ground when.

The weather was warm through January and February, but cooled off through march to a more normal sort of temperatures. We actually had 5 minutes of snow and some nearly freezing weather. We’re expecting a pattern something like last year’s where the summer heat and dryness comes early, then rains come in early too.

* Spinach went in a long while ago, and has been under cover and thriving.
* Lettuces went in to the under cover area about a month ago, and they’re coming along.
* Beets and Carrots went in under cover about 3 weeks ago, and are up.
* 6 rows of Potatoes are in right around St Patrick’s Day, Territorial Yukon Golds and Russian Bananna. Two rows of russet like ones from Cenex, and two rows of rose fingerlings from Cenex. Still to go: blues and more youkon golds from cenex.
* Favas are up and looking perky. They’ve been in for a month or 6 weeks.
* The early planted peas are up and maybe an inch high, also a month to 6 weeks old.
* The peas planted a week later are a little slower.
* Kale’s up that’s been in the ground for 3-4 weeks.
* Chard isn’t doing much having been in the ground about 3 weeks.

* Need to plant more potatoes, and start a bunch of the summer seeds in the next week or two.

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