Power outage again

So, the power is out again. Third time this season, and this time it’s been over dinner time. (The second was fun, the parents had just arrived, and dinner was just about ready when click. I had to go shut down the computers, and then the smoke detectors, since the extractor fan was somewhat necessary off that dinner.)

I love how quiet and peaceful it is in the house with nearly no electronics running. The only noise is the hiss of the wind, the occasional banging on the walls from kids needing something after bed time and the distant roar of the neighbors generators. There are pings and clicks from the wood stove, little cat paws on carpet. (And now, tapping on the iPad to type).

So far we’ve been out from 4pm till 11pm. The Internet is up for a few minutes on battery, but that’s not going to last long.

Edit: Total outage was from 4pm to midnight, then again from 7:30am to 9am. The second outage was complicated by the generator at the well not powering the pump properly. There’s going to be some debugging on that when the weather is a bit better.

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