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More Butterflies

I’ve uploaded the rest of the butterfly pictures from our trip to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. I think these would work well with Apple’s ‘folder of pictures’ screensaver.

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Solstice Parade

I shot a couple of batteries worth of pictures from the sidelines of the Solstice Parade in Fremont yesterday. Lots of painted cyclists and dancers. A bunch of puppets on sticks. And just a little nudity. The gallery is here.

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Sunday in Cozumel

A set of pictures where your interpid narrator takes a jungle tour from a Californian, hangs out on a beach, and goes to the local sunday night fiesta.

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Releasing Baby Turtles

While in Cozumel, I got to watch the local conservation effort for the sea turtle population. The east side of the island has lots of sandy beaches where sea turtles lay their eggs. Unfortunately, there’s enough human and pest interference to disturb the nests. So they are transferred to a secured and monitored area to gestate and hatch. I saw a couple of tracks in the sand from the mother turtles as I was wandering about the beach that day waiting for the release.

To keep holding one, you have to continually give them somewhere to crawl. They don't seem to mind going from one hand to the other. They are pretty strong for their size, especially since they just hatched.

The nests are then dug up and the baby turtles transported to one of the nearby beaches to be released into the surf at dusk.

More Pictures ->

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Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza - From the airplane

The main pyramid at Chichen Itza, as well as the hall of warriors and the ball field. More Pictures…

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Golden Gardens Solstice

There was a drum jam, beach burn, and general party for the summer solstice at Golden Gardens Thursday night. I’ve never seen the place quite so packed. Cars were parked Everywhere. Those little dots, those are people. We were parked 1/2 mile away.

Lots of people on the beach. Just about sunset

Lots of drums. Probably 20 or 30 of them at the peak.

The drum circle, in twilight.

Quite a sunset. If only there was a little less pollution. Well, then there wouldn’t be quite the colors.

Fire on the ground, fire in the sky

Those are the Olympics on the horizon to the left. This is looking roughly northwest. It’s always a trip to see the sun set so far to the north.

More fires

Banging on the bongos like a … oh well, whatever. nevermind.

The cloud that looks like the cover of a Dire Straits album.

After it got darker, the fire was most of the light. I was almost out of battery so no flash pictures. Plus, flash pictures just don’t look right to me. Oh for an asa 1600 digital camera…

The main drum circle

A cardboard SUV just plunged into the fire. Good place for it.

Dancers, after the fire was stoked

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Webley Photo Archive

James eating a beet. With the beet juice dribbling down his chin. In this pic, I think he’s using beet juice to color a drawing that he’s doing. Can you feel the Beet?
A stunningly beautiful woman at the concert. Sort of goth, sort of funeral.
The percussionist, who’s name I don’t remember. He’s playing a snare drum, the upright piano frame, a cd rack, some metal thing that bongs, a gong, and a cymbal. With brushes.
Jason’s Back.
Jason, with Accordion. Waiting for the other musicians to come on stage.
Dancing to Thriller.
Yes, Thriller. Michael Jackson and Vincent Price Thriller. Played on Bass, Accordion, and persussion.
Music that Tears itself apart.
Some of the assorted freaks, clowns, and veggies at the concert.
People Swaying to Goodbye Forever, Once again. And the drinking song, he kept jumping between them.
The Tomato goddess apears in the back of a bar.
The Tomato Goddess, on the ave on the way to campus. Ambient light.
Another shot, this time with flash.
The Sylvan Theater. Jason is the one with the light. I must mention, from this point on, everything is shot without flash at night, so I had to do a little photoshop magic to make them come out at all. I’m not quite up to speed on how to make my camera take good pics with nearly no light.
The tomato Goddess enters the back of the theater.
At the front now. This is really eerie lighting. There’s a bit of light from the nearby security lights, but it’s pretty dark.
The shadow of a single flashlight falls on the trees behind the goddess.
Something is nearly happening.
Note the shadow of the scissors.
The flames are nearly out.
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24 Hours — A day in the Life

It’s Here.
I’m off to go riding, since this is likely to be the ‘Last, Best Day’ that we’re going to get for a long while.

Update: (and correction) After biking to work and heading back home, I’ve stopped by the Fremont Oktoberfest to see the ‘Texas Chainsaw Pumpkin Carving Contest’. Pumpkin gore everywhere. I must learn how to operate dangerous powertools so that I can carve like the masters. I stuck around to listen to ‘Easy Big Fella’, a local ska band. I’m thinking that I should go for a while and try to hear live music at least once a week for a few months. Might be an interesting experience.

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24 Hours — A day in the Life

24 hours in the life of the wired fool.

The day started the night before with a Paperboys cd release party, a little bit of wandering around golden gardens, and then dinner. Monday was all computer frustration, debugging and crashing. And a bit of blogging, but that’s not the main gig.

Sound track for the day, so helpfuly saved from my mp3 player, was: all the Paperboys albums, Harry Connick Jr.: When Harry met Sally Soundtrack, Peter Gabriel: So, Cowboy Junkies: Trinity Sessions, Pale Sun and Miles from our Home, Tracy Chapman: Tracy Chapman, The Beatles: Sgt Peppers, Counting Crows: August and Everything After, Jimi Hendrix: axis bold as love and Are You Experienced.


Start the tour –>


sound track for putting this together: the paperboys: molinos, and jason webley, against the night

something more than these old feet brought me here
so these feet can’t take me away

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24 Hours — Snacktime

  Alas poor Yorrick. OOH! Tootise Roll!  





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