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Our Gecko

Our rather fat Gecko. He stayed on the wall for 3 or 4 days, only moving about a foot in all that time.

This little fat gecko hung out on the wall for a few days. Didn’t seem to need any food.

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Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza - From the airplane

The main pyramid at Chichen Itza, as well as the hall of warriors and the ball field. More Pictures…

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Sunset at the Beach

seashore sunset-md

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Playa Bonita

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A Toy Turns 50

The little red toy has turned 50. While stuck in a traffic jam. The pic is from 520, The rollover was in the exit from I-5.
A toy turns 50k, in a traffic jam.

This weblog won’t be updated for a while. But I’m not going to mention the ‘h’ word. Rather it’s the ‘v’ word, and during the vacation I’m going to try to stay away from computers. For a whole week and a half. Wonder how well that’s going to work.

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Killing Veggies

A ritual Veggie Killing, with sacrifical wine and the Weber Altar

And a related link

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Mutant Carrot

This from the garden. The one on top was a little harder to pull up than normal.

Hmmm.   At least it's organic.

I think this is just from having too many nutrients in the soil, which can make carrots excessively hairy or branch out. But it’s still odd. These are about twice as big as the seed packet said that they’d get. (That’s a quarter next to them. The packet said 4″)

And they’re very good. Especially when grilled. The cherry tomatoes are just starting to get ripe. I’ve got one bigger tomato starting to get there. Just in time for my vacation.

But there are a lot of tomatoes out there. And half of them I didn’t even plant. They came up on their own from last years fallen fruit.

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A car, a bike, 2 days and 500 miles

Or: 4 people, a big bike (Honda Valkyrie) and a small car (Miata) cover 500 miles of Washington roads, 4 campsites, and several Llama farms.

Big bike, small car

The bike has just about as much storage space as the car, enough for 2 sleeping bags, pads, a tent and some extra clothes. However, it’s a lot harder to eat when you have a full face helmet on.

Eating m&m's with a full face helmet. Amusing for the bystanders.

Our route took us up and over the North Cascade Highway, so we stopped to check out one of the power dams that provide power for Seattle. It looks like there’s enough water up there. No Llamas though. Apparently they’ve been moved due to cougar attacks.

The water side of the Diablo Canyon Dam.  It looks pretty full to me (within a couple of feet of the top).

We caught the tail end of a very leisurely motorcycle club heading up to the dam. We wasted quite a few corners at the posted yellow sign speed. While Miatas and Motorcycles are pretty well matched for touring, the car can take tight corners with more confidence.

The Motorchcle Touring club that was driving 40mph through some beautiful twisty roads.  There were about 20 of them up the road, including some Goldwings with more cargo volume than my car. (and bigger engines)

Liberty Bell guards the top of Washington Pass. It’s a quick run downhill from here to Winthrop for lunch. Winthrop was a little overrun with a bumper crop of summer tourists, lots of cars and motorcycles. (Evenly mixed between Harleys and Valkyries) That’s what you get for a weekend in August though.

Liberty Bell, the big mountain overlooking Washington pass.  There are a few two day rock climbing routes up it.

We noodled around for a while, filling up at Twisp where the Miata was outnumbered 6 to 1 by various motorcycles. A quick run to Chelan later and we’re dealing with the problem of finding a campsite on one of the major tourist weekends in August. We checked three campgrounds before being directed to a small National Forest campground 4 miles off the main road at 25 Mile Creek. I was stunned at the quality of the lawn at the full campsites, perfect golf course quality and neon green. You’d hardly know that there’s a drought on and we’re in the middle of a desert.

The road to the campsite was prefect twisty blacktop for three miles. Sorry, I don’t have pictures. I was Driving.

The people in the campsite next to us were amused when we pulled in, since they have a Harley and a red Miata.

Self portrait, on the road down from Stevens Pass.

A little zipping in the morning, and we are on a nearly empty road heading down to breakfast near Levenworth and then to go up over Beaver Pass. I’ve raced over this road in a bicycle race a couple of years ago, and I didn’t realize how much fun it could be. Empty, reasonably smooth, and squiggly yellow signs. Most were marked 30mph in a 55 zone. Perfect road to put a little distance on a motorcycle.

The view out the front. Beautiful road, I think it's called the "Old Country Road". It made the Miata feel really wide, sort of like driving down a bike path.

Finally, we pick up route 2 to go over Stevens pass, and catch the Old County Road on the way down. This road is a little wider than a bike path, and completely deserted. This is the one place that I have ever felt that my car was wide even when there was no oncoming traffic.

One by Rose, visible in the reflection of my glasses.

The last three pics were taken on that road.

The motorcycle had some advantages, better power above 4000 feet, more similar vehicles to wave to, and the general coolness factor of a flat 6 1500cc engine.

Cargo space was a wash, as was gas mileage. (Although the motorcycle has half the tank of the car).

The Miata had a cd player and a heater/ac system. They work well even though the top was down the whole time. It was easier to handle on twisty roads. Passing at 4000 feet was kind of dicey with the short passing lanes.

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If you’re in Seattle, there are two events you should be thinking about this weekend. (No not seafair.)

Friday evening there’s a webloggers dinner at the Rock Bottom Brewery. I know there’s going to be good beer, as for company…. Well, I’ll be there.

Three nights this weekend, Cirque de Flambé will be performing their “Verities of Fire” show at the Monroe Center, in scenic Ballard. (18th Ave and 65th, probably in the parking lot on the north side of the building.)

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7 cops…

Seven cop cars and three helicopters heading towards Broadway.

Probably a bank robbery.

Supposedly it’s the Evergreen Bank. So is why does it feel wierd that this is happening near where I walk every day?

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