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Today’s science lesson

Mentioned at the lunch table: “I should put this (nearly empty) bottle of rooster sauce in the salad spinner to make it come out.”

The kids response: “How would that help?”

“It would work like a centrifuge”

“What’s a centrifuge?”

“but the salad spinner would probably be too small. The sauce might collect in the bottom as well. A bike wheel would work though…”

Well alrighty then. A couple minutes later, the rooster sauce was taped in the rear wheel of my bike. Clearances checked, shifted into high gear. And Spiiiinnnn. Noticably unbalanced, but success! All of the sauce in the bottle wound up in the neck. All of the sauce on the outside of the spout ended up on the wheel. Kids were amused.

What we didn’t talk about was the need to dynamically balance the wheel, possibly with a nearly empty mustard bottle.

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