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According to Forbes, Michael Eisner made $700 million over the last 5 years.

According to their accountants, Disney made just over $2 billion in profits in the last 3 years, and roughly $6 billion if you dig back through the last 5 years.

Now I know that comparing Eisner’s compensation including stock options to the company’s profits is not quite a straightforwarding accounting matter, but it looks like Michael Eisner got 11% of the profit that Disney made over the last 5 years.

Now on to the editorial. Mr Eisner. I’m glad that you don’t steal. I’m glad that your grandfather and father tought you not to steal. That’s a useful attribute in a CEO. But Mr Eisner, it may come as news to you, but you are not alone in that. My father tought me not to steal, and I don’t. And I resent your message I am a thief. Your senator’s recent bill will require that I pay for the computer industry to turn my computers into devices that attempt to protect your property, and that I rewrite my applications to do the same.

Leaving aside the point that Digital Rights Management is an impossible goal, adding this to my applications and computers will cost me a lot of money and time for no benefit, except to you.

Hmm. You forcing me to spend money for no discernable benefit? Sounds like theft to me.

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