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A picture for a gray day

Haven’t been shooting many pictures lately. I need to change that.
Platinum, light and titanium

And since I missed Accordionguy’s cat picture friday, I’ll just post one a little late.
I’m not so happy about where the focus is on this one, but I like the composition.

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A picture for a gray day

Haven’t been shooting many pictures lately.
Platinum, light and titanium

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Chipotle Potato and Leek Soup

A little twist on it –

  • Russett potatoes – diced, skin on if it’s thin enough
  • Leeks, roughly the same volume as potatoes, chopped in rounds
  • 1 quart veggie broth, 1/2 quart mushroom broth.
  • 2/3 c cream
  • Chipotle, salt

Soften leeks in olive oil, add the broth and potatoes so that there’s enough liquid to cover ++. Simmer. When potatoes are breaking down lightly mash about 1/2 of them, add salt to taste. When ready to serve, drizzle in cream, stirring. Add chipotle to subtle taste, enough to impart a little smoky spicyness, not so much that it tastes like salsa.

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OSX Proxy Settings in Radio

While doing the work on the SOCKS proxy, I noticed just how much of a pain it is to continually be changing proxy settings in Radio, when OSX is perfectly capable of keeping track of the settings on a location by location basis.

So a little googling for sample code and some hacking in C (which I don’t normally use) yielded a little program that will grab the system configuration and pull it into Radio Userland.

Download it here.

The archive has a script that lives in the workspace table and an application that needs to be in the base Frontier or Radio Userland folder. Simply run the script and it will make the settings in user.webbrowser.proxy and socksProxy reflect the current Network Settings. It will overwrite your current settings. It should be run every time you change network locations – it may be useful to add this to a menu. I also might figure out how to trigger it automatically.

It’s been tested on Radio and OSX 10.2.6, although I fully expect it to work with Frontier and any 10.2.x OSX installation.

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SOCKS Proxy for Radio Userland

I’ve put together basic support for SOCKS version 4 proxies in Radio Userland.

Radio Userland (and Frontier) have built-in support for HTTP proxies, but there are some cases where going through a more general proxy is useful. SOCKS 4 is an unauthenticated proxy specification that will transport any TCP stream, rather than just a single protocol. I’m finding this useful because SOCKS 4 is implemented by ssh’s dynamic port forwarding. SOCKS 5 is an authenticated system that can transport both TCP and UDP. I don’t have a version 5 server installed yet, so I haven’t completed support for it yet.

Download: Socks tcp.openStream

Installation: Download the file. Jump to tcp, and duplicate tcp.openStream. You might want this if things go bad, as it’s modifying some pretty core functionality. Double click the downloaded file, or choose it from the File-> Open… menu. It needds to live at tcp.openStream, and you do waht to replace the existing script.

Configuration: This code expects a table of settings at user.webbrowser.socksProxy with at least the following elements:

enabled: Boolean – true enables the socks proxy code. Missing or false disables.
domain: String – the hostname or ip of the proxy server
port: Number – the port the proxy listens on
version: Number – 4 and 5 are valid, only 4 is currently supported

This is the same set of configuration elements as are used in user.webbrowser.proxy, with the addition of version.

Known Limitations: It’s version 4 only, there’s no code to deal with do-not-proxy exceptions other than localhost. This has been tested on Radio verision 9.1b2/OSX connecting to the ssh SOCKS proxy (ssh -D port user\@host). I don’t expect that there would be any trouble on Frontier, I’m not so sure of other platforms.

Liscense: BSD – Go nuts, have fun, let me know if there are problems. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, unless you pay me lots of money.

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