2 years, 7 years

About 2 years ago (well 2 years and three days ago) I got a new camera, the first thing I posted with it was this picture (but there are earlier ones floating about). 26000 pictures later, I still think it’s an amazing camera and a great leap forward from the point and shoots that I was using.

7 Years ago, (and a little, it was Thanksgiving time) I started this weblog. There have been something like 1000 posts, 500 of them just pictures, and 20 some odd image galleries with another several hundred pictures. And only just in the last few months have I been able to post to the front page more than once a day.

My previous record of keeping up anything resembling a website/diary/anything was a few months, so there’s got to be something quite different about this whole weblogging thing.

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