Filtered News Feeds

***What It Is

Filtered News Feeds are an idea that I had when I realized that it’s impossible for me to keep up with all of the updates to the linux software that I use. It turns out that freshmeat.net is a channel on my.userland.com, and it also just so happens that Userland will push the syndication feed to my home machine.

So I have a basic “filters” prefs page for setting up the things I want to search for: what channels to search, what notification methods, and what keywords to search for. This is intended to be a synthetic feed that notifies me to information that I may miss if I rely on wetware filtering. (Wetware == grey matter)


Ths incoming news feeds are being searched, but the results aren’t being recorded at this point. I’m still figuring out the appropriate channel architecture. Watch this space…

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