I’ve got some background projects that I’d like to see happen. I’d like to see them as Open Source projects where people can take and use the code for their purposes and return their changes to the general community. It is also meant as a place for beginners to download some code to see what’s happening.

I’d like to see 10 projects going here, so I’m open to more ideas.

  1. Basic Database – Define a set of fields using the prefs.root xml format, Add entries, search entries, and browse entries.
  2. NNTP interface to discussion groups – There’s so many DG’s starting up, I’d like to have a good interface to them. (No disrespect Dave, Think 20 “Something Betters” from Roxanne.)
  3. Network Bookmark list – For people who have too many browsers and bookmark lists.
  4. “Filtered News Feeds” – was working on this, sort of abandoned.
  5. “Web Based Backup” – If you’ve seen the Qube, then you know what direction I’m aiming for.
  6. “Gnu diff”/patch for frontier
  7. “Thread View” for the discussion group. – From any message in a thread, I want to be able to see the relation to all of the other messages in the thread.
  8. Better integration of email and the discussion group/manila sites
  9. Radio Userland Remote Player Xml-rpc interfaces on the a linux box and the drivers in RU to Store, Stream and Play mp3s.
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