Letter to the Editor

I-695 did not go far enough.

While I-695 is a welcome reduction in the cost of owning a motor vehicle, owning a car is still too expensive. I am saving about $250 next year, but that savings is dwarfed by my insurance bill and the cost of parking in downtown Seattle.

It is unfair that just because I choose to drive a little red sports car that my insurance should be over $1000 per year. Everybody knows that the insurance compainies are as wasteful as the government, so they should be able to survive on $30 per year per driver. All they have to do is cut out insurance fraud and waste.

Now that the convenient bus service to downtown is being cut, my parking bill is going up. It is criminal to be charged $200 per month just to park a car in a location where I don’t have to get wet on my way to work. Parking fees downtown are highway robbery and should be limited to $30 per month. The lot owners will make it up in volume.

I-695 was a good first step, but still does not lower barriers to car ownership enough. Driving is a God given right, so we should all be able to drive for free!

Sarcastically Yours,

Eric Soroos

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